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With the rise of awareness about ethical fashion, the used clothes market has grown to great extents. Data suggests that in 2022, the overall worth of the second-hand apparel market was estimated to be 177 billion USD. In the past few years, the appeal for used clothes and businesses related to them has become immensely popular. This stands true for Spain too, as research suggests – people in Spain have slowly started adopting used clothes in their daily wardrobe.


When the global market for second-hand clothes is at a great high, it is a wise choice to invest in the same. There are plenty of suppliers of wholesale used clothes in Spain that offer a high volume of goods at affordable prices. If you are looking for the top suppliers of used clothes from Spain, this article will be of great help to you! List of Top 6 Suppliers of Used Clothes from Spain

If you are looking for reliable wholesale suppliers of second-hand clothes in Spain, you are in the right place! Here is a list of some of the top suppliers of used clothes from Spain.

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  1. Indetexx

One of the top contenders in the global market for used clothing, Indetexx has created a strong presence among clients and customers. Since 2012, the ISO-certified company has been actively involved in the importing and exporting of second-hand clothes, shoes, and apparel. Raw materials for the company are collected from the top-tier cities in China thus ensuring the high quality of the goods. Indetexx also prides itself on handling high volumes of processed used clothing daily.

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Apart from the import and export of secondhand clothes, Indetexx also offers turnkey services such as consulting, customizing, packaging, shipping, etc. One of the most trusted used clothes suppliers in Spain, Indetexx is the perfect choice for anyone planning to make it big in this business. Products include summer wear, winter wear, used jeans, shoes, and other apparel.

  1. Eurotex 

Anyone familiar with the second-hand clothing market would know Eurotex. One of the biggest exporters of used clothing across Europe, Eurotex has more than 20 years of experience in this field. The company also partners with leading companies in the business across the world to facilitate easier trade. The supplier prides itself on offering nearly 300 different grades of sorted used clothes across Europe.

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Eurotex also specializes in dealing with used clothes in Spain. The company undertakes wholesale import and export of used clothes across Spain. The supplier is also quite comfortable with handling bigger volumes of second-hand clothing, as it deals with more than 1200 tons of goods per month. One can find a wide range of secondhand daily wear, sportswear, winter clothing, and even vintage picks with this dealer.

  1. Star-Tex

Star-Tex is a company that firmly believes in the reuse of clothes. In Europe, more than 5 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year, and around 75% of these wastes get dumped in landfills. Thanks to the initiative of companies like Star-Tex, the remaining used clothes get a new life. Located in Valencia, the company focuses on sorting and classifying second hand clothes from Spain and the rest of Europe. After classification, the clothes are put through rigorous processing to attain a better condition.

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Star-Tex offers a classified assortment of used clothes, be it for children or adults. The company ships both small and large orders to its clients either in bales or assorted bags. Additionally, the supplier also deals with new clothes that come with proper tags and affordable prices.

  1. CONOR Original Trading

CONOR is one of the most popular dealers of used clothes in Spain. With this supplier, you can get an assorted and customized order done right, as the company is keen on satisfying the clients’ needs. If you want to purchase wholesale used clothes in Spain – different types and grades of clothes – CONOR Trading is the perfect choice for you.

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This supplier has been successful in the market in the past few years – with customer service as their core ideal, the company strives to deliver only the best quality used clothes. CONOR Trading also offers additional services like quality inspection for your assorted goods.

  1. Algars Recycling

Algars Recycling is a household name for used clothing in Spain. With over 20 years of experience in this field, the company acquires its raw materials from all over the globe and processes them to produce high-quality second hand clothes. The company has tie-ups with many large-scale dealers and suppliers, thus accessing a huge volume of assorted used clothing and shoes.

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Algars Recycling offers a wide range of products, ranging from used clothes for men, women, and children to used branded sneakers for people of all ages. This supplier is, without a doubt, one of the best to purchase wholesale used clothes in Spain – the company’s extensive resources make it a hub for quality and branded second hand clothes.

  1. Balmocotex

One of the leading suppliers of used clothing in Spain, Balmocotex is known for its experience in the field. The supplier exports to many parts of the world like Africa, Asia, and many parts of Europe. Sourcing high-quality raw materials from Europe, this supplier practices efficient recycling procedures to process the used clothes. The company offers a wide range of products including secondhand clothing, shoes, accessories, and other apparel.

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Balmocotex can be the perfect choice for small vendors and businesses as they focus on delivering high-quality goods in packages of sizes of 50-80 kgs. This supply could be the best choice for you if you are looking for dealers who have international brands of used clothes from Spain

Why Choose Indetexx as your Trusted Supplier of Used Clothes from Spain

While there is a myriad of sellers and suppliers who deal with used clothes from Spain, it is Indetexx that tops the list. This is because our company is a trusted wholesale supplier that has been growing popular in the global market associated with used clothing, shoes, and apparel. Our high-quality products and friendly customer service have made us a favorite among hundreds of clients internationally.

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Here are a few reasons why you should choose Indetexx as your trusted partner when it comes to the wholesale business of second hand clothes from Spain.

  • Helpful Consulting Services – If you are new to the business and wondering where to start, our friendly consultants would love to help you! Get in touch with our industry experts to learn more about the intricacies of the second-hand clothing business and find the right products for you with us.
  • Flexible Customization – Sometimes, clients are not satisfied with buying one specific type of used clothing. So that is why we offer flexible customization for those who wish to purchase an assorted mix of different types of second hand clothes from Spain.
  • Strict Quality Inspection – We employ several rounds of quality inspection to ensure that no sub-par quality clothing reaches the final stage.
  • Competitive Pricing – Based on the order size and quality of products, we place competitive prices on our products that help our clients to establish a successful business.

The Bottom Line

The used clothing market has grown worldwide in the past few years, and the same trend has been seen in Spain too. The used clothing market is blooming in many parts of Europe, including Spain. If you are looking for the perfect second hand clothes supplier in Spain, then Indetexx is the one for you. Contact us today, and get an instant quote for all the products you need!

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