Used Maternity Clothing

Premium Used Maternity Clothing

Supply your markets with our high-quality used maternity clothing suitable for the summer and winter seasons. Being your leading Chinese used clothing supplier, we have more than 70,000 collecting points, where we get premium clothing from charities, thrift stores, and first-tier cities. To provide you with peace of mind purchasing, we offer comprehensive services, from clothing customizing and sorting to packaging and loading.



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Why Indetexx is Your Premier Choice

Interior Core

10 Years of Experience

Our ample used clothing exporting experience not only makes us excellent consultants but also guarantees your orders can easily enter your regions.

Comprehensive Services

Avail of our wide range of services from logo customization to efficient loading, while getting our used clothing at affordable costs.

Expert Used Clothing Know-how

With broad knowledge in the used clothing industry, we can offer you professional solutions to cater to your markets.

Exterior Backbone

Stable Product Supply

Connected to leading stores and suppliers from top-class cities, Indetexx offers an abundant and comprehensive inventory of used maternity clothing.

100% Handpicked Sorting

We have 400 experienced workers who can precisely recycle, sort and grade used clothing into specific categories and maintain premium quality.

Professional Loading & Packaging

Our workers excel at loading and packaging, being able to fill the container with volumes of clothing while ensuring 10% extra capacity.

Wholesale Used Maternity Clothing for Sale

Having been connected to many major suppliers in China, we acquire a large volume of unique used maternity clothing that comes in many patterns. Through our wide selections, you can mix and match used maternity clothing based on our recommendations and market preferences to show your brand’s commitment to quality and flexibility of choices.

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Contemporary Second Hand Clothes Factories

To suit the needs of different markets, we provide used maternity clothing in various styles, richer colors and custom features. We meet this challenge head on with over 400 experienced staff helping in recycling, sorting, grading and loading over 6,000 tons of used clothes monthly for swift delivery.

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Quality is Our Top Priority

Having ISO9001-certified factories allows us to maintain a uniform standard that secures our reputation in the industry and thus attracts your audience to your quality selections. We achieve consistent quality control by testing our used maternity clothing 5 times throughout production to ensure their functionality upon shipping.

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