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    Do you know enough about The Gambia before you are ready to learn how to buy second-hand clothes in the Republic of The Gambia? What is the political, economic, cultural and social environment there? Which industries are suitable for cooperation? Are the business costs of investment cooperation in The Gambia competitive? We will give you the basic information and be your guide to get to know Gambia.


Used Clothing Market in Gambia

          Gambia implements a free trade policy with low import tariffs and active entrepot trade with neighboring countries.

          It is necessary to import used clothes, food, mechanical transportation equipment, industrial finished products, mineral products, and fuel lubricants;

          It mainly exports peanut products, vegetables, and fruits, cotton products, fish and fish products.

          2011 main export targets include China, India, France, Britain, and Indonesia, and the imports mainly come from China, Brazil, Senegal, India, Netherlands, etc.

          In 2021, Gambia exported $160k in Used Clothing. The main destinations of Gambia exports on Used Clothing were United States ($54.4k), Cuba ($48.3k), United Kingdom ($16.6k), Spain ($10.5k), and Turkey ($10.3k).

         In 2021, Gambia imported $8.43M in Used Clothing, mainly from United Kingdom ($1.21M), Netherlands ($1.06M), Belgium ($940k), Spain ($793k), and Germany ($740k).

Gambia used clothes import data —

Gambia, The fastest growing market for used clothing imports

Spain ( $1.02 M)

Germany($874 K)
Belgium($774 k
Netherlands($734 k
United Kingdom($495 k

         In terms of transportation, we cooperate with strong and reliable shipping companies.
The main routes for transporting Gambia are Atlantic routes, Pacific routes, Indian Ocean routes, and global routes.
        We can provide safe and guaranteed logistics to ensure that your products arrive at the port safely! 1. Strong carrying capacity; 2. The freight is cheap, and the transportation cost is relatively affordable, especially for large-scale goods; 3. Strong adaptability, adaptability here refers to the adaptation to the goods.

Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Gambia

About Us

         Indetexx is one of the tops used bulk clothing suppliers in Africa. The aim of zagumi is to serve their customers and deliver top-quality products to them. Indetexx specializes in used clothes, shoes, and bags.
         Indetexx is a well-known wholesaler of second-hand goods with a 10,000 square meter production facility that supplies second-hand goods to customers worldwide for many years.
          To ensure that your purchases meet the highest standards, they have strict quality controls at every stage of sourcing, sorting, and loading.

     Since our establishment, we have exported second-hand clothing to over 60 countries or regions, including Gambia.

      All products are inspected five times and have the international certification and fumigation certificates required for export.

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          ✨✨Indetexx , a used clothing bales supplier with 10 years of experience.
Established in 2012, Indetexx is a professional used clothing exporter specializing in exporting used clothes to Africa.We have more than 10 years’ experience of used summer clothes, used winter clothes, used shoes, used bags.

Top Used Clothing Wholesaler in Gambia

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