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 In fact, more customers want Chinese bags now. The first reason is that the quality of Chinese bags is also very good. Because compared to Europe and the United States, China does not have domestic sales of second-hand clothing, Europe and the United States have picked out good clothes to sell to consumers in their own countries, so the proportion of good-quality clothes for export may relatively lower than China.

Another reason is the virus, China is the country with the best epidemic control, so China’s second-hand clothes do not have to worry about the virus problem.

We have more than 120 categories of used clothes and we are constantly updating the categories according to the needs of our customers.

We can supply unsorted raw materials or sorted finished packages, depending on your needs.

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Our Moq is a 40ft container, if you have agents in China, the Moq can be reduced to 450kg

We deeply understand you may feel more safe to start smaller quantity with a new supplier. Just your quantity is too low to arrange the shipment, even we can ship, the shipping cost is not competitive for you when average to each bale. And I talked with our team and see if there is anything we can do to help our business together. So we want to know if we lower our MOQ to 20ft is acceptable for you?

Yes, if you have agents in China, our moq is 300kg and you need to come to our warehouse to pick up the goods directly.

Yes, we can do boxing ratios according to your needs, there are many single products we are able to install a whole container.

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Trust Related

We can help you to inspect your factory by providing live video contact, or you can get a third party, your relatives or friends to come and inspect our factory.

We do not accept the payment method of getting the bill of lading first and paying later. Our company and new customer cooperation is generally required to pay the final payment before shipment. (But in order to make our relationship work, we can accept 50% deposit before making the goods, and the final payment within 5 days after sending you a copy of the landing bill)

This is the trade secret of our customers, so Im afraid it is hard to tell you, you can check our quality by video inspection, or factory live.

First of all, we are a professional factory, exporting to Africa for many years, integrity has always been our principle; secondly, when your order is completed, we will have out of the container data to you to check, to confirm that there is no error before delivery; finally, our company has always hoped to have a long-term relationship with customers, mutual benefit and win-win, this will ruin the relationship between the two sides of the behavior in our factory is impossible to exist.


We can customize according to customers’ needs, and also help customers to customize their logos. Our finished bags can hit 40-100kg bales, or different weights according to customers’ needs.

The price of a container is determined by the packing list, and the price varies from different demands. For example, the weight of a 40 feet container is 28,000kg, which can pack about 650 bales products of 45kg, the weight of a 20 feet container is 13500kg, which can pack about 320 bales products of 45kg. As for how many clothes in each package? Uhm, its hard to say, because each piece of clothing is different, so the number of pieces in each bag is also different, so it is hard to give a accurate number.

We update our prices frequently according to the market situation, please contact our sales staff for specific prices

Used clothes need to pay VAT for domestic sales, and export used clothes are tax free. We can issue VAT invoice and special invoice, 1 point, 3 points can be chosen.`


We mainly do TT/ bank transfer, when you confirm the order details with us, we will send you a proforma invoice to pay 40% deposit, the invoice contains our company information and bank account number. When the order is completed, you will pay the remaining balance by the same way.

We don’t accept L/C payment at present, but you don’t have to worry, we are a professional used clothes factory, exporting to Africa with 8 years experience, we welcome you or your friends to come and visit our factory at any time.


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