Top 5 wholesale second hand clothes suppliers in Ghana

Top 5 wholesale second hand clothes suppliers in Ghana

Top 5 wholesale second hand clothes suppliers in Ghana

             Ghana is a country located in Africa and it is known for its beautiful landscape and rich culture. It is also home to many businesses, including wholesale second hand clothes suppliers. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy supplier of used clothing, then look no further than the following five businesses. Each of these companies has years of experience in the industry and can provide you with quality products at competitive prices. So, what are you waiting for?



             Indetexx, the largest second-hand clothes supplier in Guangzhou has done an incredible job at what they do. They have really made their mark on this industry and given customers plenty of options when it comes to finding high-quality used items for purchase!
            Indetexx provides customized bales to satisfy your needs. They offer 8 years of experience in the used clothing industry and serve more than 60 countries across them with great care, trustworthiness, efficiency & speed at affordable prices!
            Indetexx provides accurate measurements on each individual item so you can be sure they will fit perfectly when shipped out from our warehouse – no need for guesswork or returning items because they know what’s best for both parties involved here: customized packaging such as transparent bags or colored ones with logos printed on them so it will be easy-to-identify who made this product!

Birmingham textile recycling

Birmingham Textile Recycling

           More items may be recyclable than you’d think. Not to mention, the fashion trend of “thrifting” has become popularized by singer-rapper Macklemore and social media! The Birmingham textile recycling Company in Avondale neighborhood is working on a new initiative–they’ve got your back if it’s not too late for this one though because with their help comes an opportunity at salvation: turning those old clothes into something does useful.
          They provide the collecting containers, execute the weekly emptying, take care of the cleaning of the location and take on the costs for labeling and paintwork of the bins–you might be surprised what will happen next.



           Environment protection through textile recycling? Knebel, as a competent service provider for textile recycling they offer a textile container full-service for collecting used textiles and shoes. they also provide this service to charitable institutions and clubs. For years they have been working with well-known organizations and clubs and gained considerable experience in this area.
           Due to changing fashion trends and a growing demand in clothes the industry manufactures more and more clothing worldwide. Manufacturing clothes requires valuable resources. The enormous water consumption for growing cotton affects the climate as much as the long transport of the textiles that is part of the clothing production.
Protect the environment by not throwing your used clothes into the general garbage. Textile recycling helps save a lot of valuable raw materials and is an environmentally friendly process.



            VETECO TRADING INTERNATIONAL is an experienced company that offers quality used textile collection services to associations and local authorities. The professionals at Vtecico offer their partners the sorting of clothes according needs in thrift stores for a chosen destination, all while providing these groups with one-stop shopping across many different markets including clothing donations or recyclables management.
            Whether you need to Look for wholesalers ot remove leather goods, VETECO TRADING INTERNATIONAL has the perfect solution. Their team will take care of all your needs and provide quality service so that they can make sure every project achieve their high standards!

IRCEB Buggenhout nv

Top 5 Wholesale Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Zimbabwe

           The I.R.C E B in Buggenhout has been recycling clothing at home and abroad since 1953 with the pride, passion & knowledge that only a family business can offer! They are registered for all of their operations to ensure quality services come out through every step they take on your behalf – even if you’re receiving second-hand rags or blankets as output products after undergoing rigorous selection processes like those found elsewhere.
           Second-hand clothing is sorted and selected for customers both at home, as well abroad. Pieces that can no longer be used are processed into cleaning rags or blankets while others may go off to specialized companies who will make use of the fabric’s material again by spinning it into yarns!


          That’s all for now! If you are interested in any of the suppliers listed above, please feel free to send them an inquiry. We wish you the best of luck as you venture into the world of wholesale secondhand clothes and hope that this list proves to be a valuable resource. Thank you for reading!

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