Top Clothing Bales Suppliers in Johannesburg

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Source: Indetexx

The retail sale of used clothing is one of the best businesses you can start on a small scale in Johannesburg and make large profits. You can buy affordable bales from suppliers that sell them at a discount to help you save money for a sustainable lifestyle.

If you are looking for second hand clothing suppliers in Johannesburg,keep reading.

Best Clothing Bales Supplier in China

Indetexx is your go-to unsorted used clothing wholesale supplier  ith years of sourcing experience and a wide range of excellent second-hand products. They are a leading exporter of high-quality and reasonably priced used clothing from China. A team of pro-active, competent, and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about what they do is what makes Indetexx successful. 

The company is certified under the ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001 guidelines, which ensures that the products you receive are of top quality. Indetexx China second hand clothes are skillfully sorted and provided to customers through a wide sales channel. Although our headquarter is in China, there are several bale clothing warehouses in Africa.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Unsorted second-hand clothing
  • Used dresses
  • Used jeans
  • Plus size second hand dresses
  • Used shoes bales
  • Mixed rags and more.

Top 8 Clothing Bales Suppliers in Johannesburg

SA Bulk Bales

SA Bulk Bales logo

Source: SA Bulk Bales

SA Bulk Bales, one of the clothing bales suppliers in Johannesburg, focuses on acquiring and selling second-hand clothes and other high-quality materials. They hire highly qualified people to assist with product selection at the warehouse, storing the products, packaging, and selling premium-grade bales of clothing to fulfill customers’ needs. They follow a set protocol to sort the clothes according to their quality and material.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Children’s toys
  • Used footwear

Cheapside Wholesale

Cheapside Wholesale is a world-class bale clothes supplier in Johannesburg that offers clothes at competitive prices This supplier keeps up with the most recent developments in the wholesale market for bales of clothes for sale in johannesburg and is concerned with the selling and exportation of the best second-hand items to South African countries.

They have been able to meet everyone’s requirements in the clothing bales industry. Cheapside Wholesale will be happy to put their garments in 20 and 40 ft containers and transport them to all over South Africa. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used coats
  • Used jackets
  • Used designer clothes


Zagumi logo

Source: Zagumi

Zagumi is an 8-year old supplier in the second hand clothing Johannesburg market. Many customers all over the world have relied on Zagumi to help them with premium quality second-hand apparel products they require to launch a business.

The company does everything to provide their customers with assurance and the genuine experience of doing business with a leading used clothing supplier. Because they have their own factory and collaborate with some of the most dependable shipping companies, they can deliver second hand clothing johannesburg on time and with the highest level of quality.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used Casual jeans
  • UsedJackets
  • Used Polo shirts
  • Used Formal attire
  • Used Toys 
  • Mixed rags

Hissen Global

Hissen Global logo

Source: Hissen Global

When you look for clothing bales suppliers in Johannesburg, the name Hissen Global is sure to come up. With trade lines in Africa, Asia, America, and the Middle East, this well-known international company is a top wholesaler of second-hand clothing. 

Even a beginner businessman who enjoys new fashion and wants to maximize their sales can have faith in Hissen Global Trading. They use a distinctive business strategy to guarantee that clothing bales in their catalog fulfills the highest industry requirements for quality.

National Clothing Distributors

National Clothing Distributors logo

Source: National Clothing Distributors

If you are looking for a supplier that provides second hand clothes in bulk, National Clothing Distributors is the right choice. They hire sorters with immense knowledge and high levels of training to assist their customers with seamless second hand clothing johannesburg selection at the warehouse, packaging, sorting, and shipment to the intended destination. Unlike many clothing bales Johannesburg supplies, this company provides value for money. 

Products and Services offered:

  • Used jackets
  • Used coats

Walt’s Used Workwear

Walts Used Workwear logo

Source: Walt’s Used Workwear

Walt’s Used Workwear is one of the few wholesalers of second hand clothing bales in Johannesburg that acts under their guided rules of professionalism, ethics, and transparency. They will go above and beyond to meet the demands of the customer. You can count on them to handle everything from assisting with second hand clothing bales selectio in johannesburg to loading and shipping using containers of various sizes. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes


EcoGoodz logo

Source: EcoGoodz

The team of EcoGoodz is young, dynamic, and skilled in purchasing used clothes and sorting them into fashionable trends. This company gathers used products, including clothes, toys, shoes, accessories, and more to recycle them for further use. This not only reduces environmental waste but also gives a second life to the used products.

The company embraces creativity and unique fashion trends to make sure that the second hand clothing bales add value to the customers’ business. They are true to commit to the value-for-money mantra in their services. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes
  • Used accessories
  • Used toys
  • Used housewares


Overcoats logo

Source: Overcoats

Overcoats is a leading used clothes supplier in Johannesburg. You can buy second hand clothes for sale Johannesburg at the best quality. As a used clothing distributor, they search for innovative ways to collect used clothes and minimize fabric waste. They collaborate with their clients to find excellent secondhand goods and store returns for domestic and foreign markets.

The company has established an efficient network of supply chain to deliver used overcoats all over South Africa in just a few days. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used overcoats

5 Tips in Finding Reliable suppliers of Bale Clothing in Johannesburg

Choosing the right used clothes manufacturer is important if you want to join the clothes industry and sell used apparel. Your success as a new entrepreneur depends on great ideas and all-encompassing solutions that can raise the quality of your items.

You must conduct extensive research on leading clothing suppliers and how to start working with them if you want to be successful. You must find dependable and trustworthy clothing manufacturers in Johannesburg. The quality of your cuts and designs will be what separates your business from your competitors. Therefore, when choosing a supplier, pick one who thinks that there should be no place for complaints.

Here are some tips to find reliable suppliers of bale clothing in Johannesburg:

1. Delivery time: Check the reviews to see if the supplier has a proven track record of delivering the products on time. All the companies will promise to deliver the products in minimal time but there have been circumstances where the products took over a month to be delivered.

2. Product Quality: Product quality is one of the most crucial factors in the clothing industry. Look for suppliers who offer premium clothing that has been acquired directly from reputable sources. The majority of reputable wholesalers offer thorough catalogs with excellent product photos that can help you get a sense of the brands or items they offer. 

3. Market Reputation: In business, you should only partner with people who you can trust and who have a clean reputation. To find out more about the wholesale supplier, research the company online. Check customer reviews of wholesalers before deciding to work with them because the majority of wholesalers have online stores or websites with customer feedback.

4. Returns and payment policy: Before finalizing your agreement with a wholesale clothes provider, you must take into account the return policy. Ideally, the supplier you choose should accept unsold goods with free or low return fees. Check the supplier’s payment terms, such as deposits and alternatives for monthly or quarterly payments, in addition to return policies. It will be more difficult to work with a distributor in the future if they are not open to discussions about important factors.

5. Discounts and Packaging: Discounts are essential to keeping any business alive. The greater the discount you receive from the supplier, the better it is,. When purchasing bulk used clothes, you can also request a settlement or trade reduction. Never be hesitant to bargain. You can count on a solid deal as long as you and the supplier benefit from it

Where to Buy Bales Clothing in Bulk in Johannesburg

Make sure you purchase from a reputable company while searching for dependable suppliers of used clothes. Ensure that the clothes supplier you choose has a long history in the industry and a positive reputation. To identify dependable suppliers, you can conduct a ton of research online. 

To identify dependable suppliers, you can conduct a ton of research online. Make sure that the business is a member of the International Fabricare Association(IFA) before making a purchase from them. This is a collection of long-standing enterprises that offer high-quality goods. 

Furthermore, think about your delivery options The shipping options that a supplier provides are a crucial factor to take into account while searching for a supplier. If you are buying bales of clothes for sale in Johannesburg, then you don’t have to worry about the shipping time. However, if your used clothes are coming from other countries, then you need to consider the time that will be required to ship your consignment overseas.


There’s a good reason why the wholesale second-hand clothing market is booming. If you’re considering starting out in this industry, there isn’t a better moment than now to accomplish it. All you need to do is get in touch with trustworthy suppliers of used clothes like the ones listed above. Additionally, you can count on earning substantial profit margins when you sell your goods.Head over to Indetexx to learn more on the matter.

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