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The expanding textile industry in used clothing bales suppliers cape town is one of the factors you might choose to invest there as it is a city best recognised for its magnificent natural charms. It only contributes to its wonderful appeal. Focus on low-cost unsorted used clothing wholesale imports from abroad if you’re starting a fashion store here selling high-quality secondhand clothes.

Indetexx: The Most Reliable Chinese Supplier


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Indetexx is a reputable used clothing bales seller that specializes in exporting used bale clothing, toys, shoes, and bags. They can serve over 60 nations, including South Asia, Africa, and South America, thanks to their 20,000 sq. m. production and reliable supply network. We still have six bale clothing warehouses in Africa countries.

For quicker product sourcing, Indetexx has created sourcing facilities in key China areas as well as efficient recycling systems. These areas include Chengdu, Guangdong, and Guangzhou, which are renowned as the greatest places to buy designer pre-owned clothing.

Upon product unloading, skilled auditors carry out a number of examinations, and 5% of all inbound materials are examined for quality and structure. Donations of used clothing are gathered from community centers, secondhand shops, and thrift shops in richer neighborhoods.

Each article of clothing is manually checked and sorted by Indetexx’s team in order to precisely manage product quality and consistency. They recycle, sift, and organize the used clothing in 120 different categories using their expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

Top 6 Used Clothing Bales Suppliers in Cape Town

Hissen Global

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Hissen Global is the greatest option for business owners of all levels because, in contrast to many sellers, they stay current with emerging trends and industry news.

Reliability is the primary quality that used clothing wholesalers and retailers search for in an online apparel supplier, and Hissen Global has developed incredible connections with reliable used clothing retailers and cargo companies to ensure that they only supply the most appropriate product for your target market.

Every item purchased from their warehouse will arrive at your location in a maximum of 7 days thanks to their time-saving shipping method. Bulk second hand clothing bales of worn clothing, purses, handbags, and children’s toys can sometimes be delivered at wholesale prices in as little as 5 days.

 Hissen Global has established sections for vintage clothes and summer apparel on its catalog to keep its customers informed of the newest fashion trends.

If you’re unable to make the best decision on your own, their trained and experienced sorters will assist you in selecting the most current clothing for second hand clothes cape town. Men’s jeans, children’s and women’s t-shirts, kids’ toys, used handbags, and used shoes for everybody are currently some of the most popular wholesale items on Hissen’s official website.

This wholesale provider offers one of the widest collections of high-quality used clothing from the greatest brands in the world to give customers flexibility in selecting your products.

SM Traders

This well-known online consignment shop for second hand clothing cape town focuses on locating, stocking, and selling old shoes from Canada and across Europe. The majority of the bulk used clothes in their inventory is imported from Western Europe, where it is then sold to international markets at fair prices.

They frequently credit their enormous success to putting the needs of their customers first, which has allowed them to draw in and retain valuable customers from all over the world.

SM Traders can ship their high-quality clothing using either standard 40-foot containers holding up to 28 tonnes or 12-foot containers with a capacity of 20 tons.

They have skilled sorters that have an experience in the wholesale used clothing market and a reputation for assisting customers in finding the exact item they require.

SM Traders ensure they have packed the appropriate bale clothing for transportation to the appropriate location by observing closely packaged goods. The most intriguing aspect is how this company’s online business has developed from serving a small number of African clients to being one of the finest in Europe.

Cash for Clothes UK

Cash for Cl

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Cash for Clothes needs to be your first focus if you want to truly feel satisfied and receive the ordered items on time. An online retailer of used clothing called Cash for Clothes is committed to preserving the environment by promoting the recycling and sale of high-quality old clothing.

They work with highly skilled and qualified sales representatives that have assisted in simplifying their solutions in the wholesale market for used clothing. This company, which was established in 2016, is willing to buy, gather, sort, recycle, trade, and dispose of used clothing for export based on their condition.

Several things have transpired in the 2nd hand clothing cape town business throughout the years. But its dedication to excellence and the substantial rates of pay they are willing to offer on wholesale secondhand clothing have stayed constant. 

Cash for Clothes is willing to bend the regulations in order to provide you with fashionable used clothing that perfectly balances high quality and contemporary fashion. As a result, their goods consistently appeal to a wide range of purchasers.


Zagumi logo

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One of the best illustrations of China’s burgeoning second hand clothing market is Zagumi, a second hand clothing reseller.

Many nations all over the globe have relied on businesses like Zagumi to give them access to the top-notch second-hand apparel products they require to launch a business.

Zagumi is meticulous about quality assurance. Zagumi has always taken the lead in ensuring that the goods and invoices that leave its facility are of the highest caliber.

The company’s safety procedures were in place before Covid-19 and have been modified as a result of it. The business has not only ensured that it would work hard and try its best to sell second hand clothes cape town and the perfect combination of used clothing, but it has also made sure that the proper products are available to the right kind of customers.

The norms of Zagumi are now recognised as a mark of excellence. Because of the fantastic experience and product that they receive every single delivery day, more and more of its clients are interested in purchasing the goods and services that they have to offer.

Every business in the used clothes industry would gain a lot from the expertise and adherence to the Zagumi Quality Manual.

They operate their own online recycling channel and are a collaborator on the government’s used clothing recycling scheme. They are able to recycle 6,000 tonnes of raw materials per month. The well-established supply chain at Zagumi has increased their supply capability and capacity.


A Japanese wholesaler of used shoes with a Malaysian base is called FUJIYAMA. They purchase worn clothing and sell it to shops and other companies after importing it from around the world.

Retailers seeking high-quality used clothing have a great choice with this bulk used clothing company. Before being dispatched, everything of their clothes is inspected to make sure you’re getting the greatest possible goods. A highly skilled workforce that works with antique, worn apparel is employed by their factory for used clothing.

Men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel are among the many styles of used clothing that this wholesale used apparel firm offers. They also carry a huge variety of accessories, like belts, backpacks, and hats.

Eco Goodz

Eco Goodz, second hand clothing suppliers, has you equipped whether you’re looking for a dress for your upcoming black-tie event or simply some basic trousers and a t-shirt. They have sold their goods abroad in more than 40 nations.

To prevent huge sums of used clothing from ending up in landfills, this mass used clothing company collaborates directly with some charities, for-profit businesses, and non-profit groups. This helps to recycle and decrease waste. They lessen the quantity of recyclable materials that otherwise would end up in landfills by collecting used clothing.

Each item of used clothing that enters Ecogoodz doors is carefully inspected, graded, and packed by a team of professionals. People looking for high-quality, previously owned apparel should visit EcoGoodz. They are dedicated to giving their customers access to the newest styles at a fraction of the price of purchasing.

Things to Consider While Looking for Used Clothing Bales Suppliers

Clothes Shop

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To be able to purchase a particular range of sizes, clothing types, brands, and styles, it is best to concentrate on a single target market. Knowing your target market will be helpful when it comes down to market your company. Also pondering over the fact that where can I sell second hand clothes in cape town can be a big factor

Like new apparel, there is a tonne of wholesale clothing available. Take into account who you wish to sell to before you go out and purchase whatever you see. If your store is smaller or you sell second hand clothes cape town online and don’t have much space for your products, this is very crucial.

Notifying wholesale clothing distributors is your greatest option if you want to purchase second hand clothes cape town at the lowest possible cost. The downside is that you’ll need to make a large buy because they’ll normally give you the cheapest pricing per piece. 

However, wholesalers are definitely worth a shot if you’re trying to buy a substantial volume of high-quality second hand clothing cape town for incredibly low costs. You might discover that the costs aren’t as low as you’d initially thought for used clothing after searching second hand shops, thrift stores, and internet classified advertising.

No matter where or how you intend to sell second hand clothes cape town, give careful thought to how it will be displayed. If used clothing is exhibited tastefully, it can appear just as desirable as brand-new apparel with a hefty price tag.


Due to the resurgence of vintage fashion and customers’ increased interest in reusing products and saving money, used clothes has become a popular commodity for both consumers and sellers. It can be advantageous to purchase old clothing in bulk for resale, but there are a few considerations to make.

One of the developing markets right now is the market for used clothing. There are end consumers who prefer different possibilities to those offered by wholesale secondhand apparel. 

Furthermore, the marketplaces have already stabilized in the US and Southeast Asian nations, where there are now reliable wholesalers of fashionable apparel that have been in operation for some time. You can learn more on the topic by heading to second hand clothing dealer-Indetexx.

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