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Indetexx has been in the used clothing and shoes industry for over 10 years and has built a reputation for quality and reliability.  We work hard to ensure that our used clothes are in good condition and good price so that our customers can boost their wholesale used clothes business easier. 

Main Business: Used Clothes/Shoes/Bags

We offer a wide range of used clothes products, from shirts and pants to dresses and handbags. We also have a wide selection of used shoes including original used branded shoes available.

Stable Materials Inventory

Grade A/B Used Clothing

Good wholesale prices

Sorted into over 120 categories

Packed into 45-100kg bales

Supply for global exports

used branded hoddies

Premium/Cream Used Clothing

Highest quality of products

Branded items in perfect condition

Customized bale weight

Ideal for selling on the European market

Indetexx bales of used sneakers

Grade A Used Mixed Shoes

Competitive prices to pay less

Every single sack weights 25kg

Quality Sole, Suitable Sizes

Shipped to more than 20+ countries

used branded sneakers

Branded Used Sneakers

Famous brand used sport shoes

Packed into 25kg per bale

100% hand-selected top quality

500,000 Pairs Monthly Output

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Affordable, Fashionable and Premium Used Clothing Within Reach

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