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As your leading used clothing exporter, we have wide bales of used children’s clothing of premium quality at fair prices. Through our stable supply chain and attentive sorting capabilities, we provide the right children’s resale clothes based on your market needs. With our services, we deliver our affordable used children’s clothing wholesale hassle-free and cost-efficient for your business.



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Full Customized Bales of Used Children's Clothing For Sale

Your used children’s clothing wholesale can be customized to make your brand stand out. We provide customization services that meet your specifications precisely. Simply provide your item list, weight, and quantity, while we will handle the rest. 


Our customization options for used children’s clothing include:

Bales of weight

The weight of bale clothes could be customized according to your specification, 40-100KG per bale second-hand children clothes

Packing Method

Folding, binding for used childrenr clothes in bulk, etc.

Packaging options

Transparent/yellow/colored films, packaging logo are available in Indetexx, etc.

Clothes items

(used children children are categorized by 120 kinds for your market, you choose unsorted used clothes or specified types)

Why Wholesale Used Children's Clothes in Indetexx

Indetexx is one of the leading used clothes traders on the market. Our stable inventory of diverse, quality and safe pre-owned children’s clothing sold at affordable prices makes us the best option for clients who want to wholesale second-hand children’s clothes.

Interior Core

10 Years of Experience

With ample experience, our team studies new market trends and provides accurate advice on how to boost your market reach with our selection of used children’s clothing.

Comprehensive Services

From categorizing children’s clothing neatly to fast loading, our attentive staff handle multiple tasks within fast lead times to meet your needs.

Expert Used Clothing Know-how

With our wealth of knowledge, we know how to sort and provide quality used clothing that draws much attention to your brand’s quality.

Exterior Backbone

Stable Product Supply

From top-tier cities and thrift stores to charities and recycling facilities, we gather enough used clothing to sort and distribute to many regions.

100% Handpicked Sorting

With our excellent sorting capabilities, we help clarify our categories of used children’s clothing to be recycled and packaged for worldwide distribution.

Professional Loading & Packaging

To organize your orders, our experienced staff load your packaged orders carefully and within lead times, as even 40-foot containers can be loaded within a week.

How Bales of Used Children's Clothing
Are Handled in Our Factory

Our competency and capabilities are backed by over 30 sorting lines, 400+ workers, and the latest production equipment in our two used clothes factories. We work with an experienced sorting staff, and by applying standardized processes, we deliver China second-hand clothes and used children’s clothin of superior quality.
Raw Materials Inspection 1

Raw Materials Inspection

Expert auditors thoroughly inspect incoming second hand children's clothes upon unloading to ensure premium quality. Over 90% of our products are 80% new, making Indetexx the best place to used children's clothing wholesale.

Handpicked Sorting

Handpicked Sorting

Using professional sorting skills, our experienced staff manually sorts used children's clothing into 120 categories. This wide category coverage makes it easy to find the right used children's clothing that meets your requirements.

Stringent Quality Control 1

Stringent Quality Control

Our established production process incorporates 5 inspection stages to build quality into bales of used children’s clothing. Working with dedicated inspectors, we make sure our bulk second-hand clothing maintains a stable quality.

Weighing Packing 1

Weighing & Packing

Packing weight for used children’s clothing wholesale ranges from 40kg - 100kg. With our customized outer packaging services, we offer various solutions to your bales of used children's clothing weight requirements.

Container Loading 1

Container Loading

Second-hand children’s clothes wholesale order is loaded in a container. Our container packer could help you reduce freight costs because they could load 5-10% more clothes. Over 28,600KG used summer clothes are in a 40ft' container (640 bags of 45kg).

Fumigation Shipping 1

Fumigation & Shipping

Our fumigation process is certified and harmless to the packages. Your second-hand children's clothes wholesale order is then shipped through our trusted freight forwarding partners.

Second Hand Children's Clothes Wholesale Guide

Bales of used children’s clothing have gained popularity over the years, with buyers looking for more sustainable products and retailers adopting sales of used clothes. Consumers now prioritize 2nd children’s clothes over disposable ones, leading to the growth of the used clothing industry. This shift has also increased the number of online stores where people wholesale second-hand children’s clothes.

This guide helps you to find the best used children’s clothes by highlighting where to wholesale them, things to consider when buying, and how to make an order.

Where Should You Buy Wholesale Used Children's Clothing?

Factory or Retailer?

The growing popularity of the used clothes industry has seen an equal growth in the number of retailers selling different used children’s clothes. But should you buy used children’s clothing from retailers? Not the best option.

The following points explain why you should buy second-hand children’s clothes in bulk from used clothes factories.


Used clothes factories have access to a wider variety of products. They are also the first to get new styles and designs. The factories supply retailers; hence, they have a limited used children's clothing variety.


Factories for used children’s clothes must conform to the industry’s standards, ensuring the supply of quality products. Factory processes and certifications can be checked, but products from retailers cannot be inspected for compliance with recognized quality standards.


Second hand children's clothes wholesale factories offer various customization services, such as bales of weight, packaging, packing, and logo, to meet your requirements. Retailers can not do this.


Factories have a stable inventory due to their steady supply of used children's clothing, making it easy to find fashionable clothes on their website. Retailers depend on factories for the supply of products. Hence, you have to wait for long periods to buy out-of-stock 2nd hand children's clothing.

Wholesale bales of used children’s clothing from used clothes factories, such as Indetexx, gives you the opportunity to work with experts who offer guidance in your customization project, and it also makes it easier for you to order supplementary used textiles, including used blue jeans wholesale.

Online or Offline?

Buying bulk used children’s clothing online allows you to communicate directly with experts involved in the production process. Some other reasons why you should buy 2nd hand children’s clothing online are:

Better Access

Buyers can check and compare all the products the factory offers when ordeing online—this aids in selecting the best used children clothing for your market.


When buying wholesale used children's clothing online, you can request to view the factory situation in real time through video, reducing the time and cost of going offline to evaluate the factory


The factory’s entire catalog for used children’s clothing containing all clothing options, as well as other information, can be found online which helps you in selecting the right type of target used clothes for kids.


While retail stores have a limited stock of each product, wholesale online makes the factory inventory of used children’s clothes available to you. Bulk orders of bales used children's clothing are shipped immediately from the factory’s inventory.

Other products

Other quality second-hand products, such as used shoes, used jeans, used leather jackets, and used dresses, can be easily ordered alongside used children’s clothing.

Things To Consider When Buying Used Children's Clothing in Bulk

When buying used children’s clothes, some factors should be considered to select the best products. Some of these factors are:

Product Weight and Quantity

Confirm the weight and quantity of the used children’s clothing you are ordering. At Indetexx, your item list is double-checked to account for all requirements.

Product Quality

It is essential to check the quality of the second-hand children’s clothes you want to order. To do this, you should inspect the materials and processes used in producing the clothes. Check if the factory is certified by recognized quality institutions, and ask about their testing procedures.

Turnaround Time

Inquire about the delivery timeframe of your bulk used children’s clothing. If the factory uses third-party freight forwarding companies, ask for the tracking details to monitor the movement of your products.

Supplementary Products

Buying supplementary products, including used shoes, used bags, and used toys for children from the same factory, ensures consistent quality across products. It is also more convenient for your delivery than purchasing from different factories.

How to Make Wholesale Second Hand Children's Clothes Orders on Indetexx

Indetexx makes your bulk order of 2nd hand children’s clothing easy and smooth. Using our straightforward buying steps, you can purchase any of our used clothing solutions with ease.

Step 1: Make A Query

Each used children’s clothing page contains the essential information you require before you can make a purchase. On this page, you find the description, price range, customizable item list, raw material, weight, and payment options, among other information. After selecting a product, you fill out the query form on the page to inform us of your requirements.


You can fill in as many queries as you want. Our representative will reply to all of them in no time. If you have any other questions or need expert guidance, you can fill out a query form on our contact page, and we will reach out to you quickly.


Step 2: Talk To Us

Within 24 hours, our representative will contact you to discuss your bulk order of used children’s clothes. After telling us of your used clothing needs, which include your item list, weight, quantity, and any customization requests, our experts discuss your selection with you, ensuring you get products suitable for your brand. When you are sure of your item list, we will send you a price quote based on your selection.


Step 3: Confirm Your Order

After choosing your preferred products, your order is then confirmed at Indetexx. We will send you an email containing your order details, including your product specifications, the delivery timeframe, and payment information.


Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Expect Your Order

After you confirm your order, all you have to do is wait for your products to be delivered. Our trained staff immediately commence production of your used children’s clothing, and after packaging, your order is shipped through our freight forwarding partners.


Selling Used Children's Clothes in Bulk

Providing retailers and brands with affordable used clothing for 10 years, Indetexx can recycle, sort and pack wholesale children’s clothes in bulk precisely. Acquiring from first-rate cities has allowed us to receive diverse styles of used children’s clothing that will make you stand out of the crowd.

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Premium Second Hand Clothes in China

We have 2 second hand clothes factories, located in Guangzhou and Chengdu where we can recycle and collect fashion and quality second hand clothes. As a result of our wide, expansive factory area, we can recycle over 60,000 tons of raw materials monthly to guarantee stable used clothing supply.

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Quality is Our Top Priority

Inspecting as many as 5 times, our QC staff always ensure that our used clothing has moderate defects and performs well in different conditions. As an ISO9001-certified factory, we are your reliable used clothing partner when it comes to securing premium quality used clothing ready to be shipped to your regions.

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