Best Bale Clothing Suppliers in South Africa

Anyone who wants to experience both current and vintage fashion trends can purchase things from second hand clothes suppliers in South Africa. However, it can be difficult to find a good second hand clothes supplier

These top 15 clothing suppliers in South Africa can provide you value for your money whether you are a reseller, distributor, or simply want to buy things for personal use. Get your wallets ready and search for fashionable, stylish, and affordable clothing!

Best Bale Clothing Supplier in South Africa


Source: indetexx

The used clothes exporters – Indetexx is the top supplier of wholesale unsorted used clothing in 60 countries. They continue to provide unique south africa second hand clothes that satisfies consumer needs with over ten years of expertise in the used clothing market.

They maintain a stable and substantial inventory that ensures you have access to a wide variety of unsorted used clothing by implementing top-notch sourcing strategies, such as our 70,000 collecting locations in important Chinese cities.

The company has a talented group of fashion enthusiasts who can assist in choosing high-quality clothing bales for sale in south africa with the greatest potential for profit, verifying shipment accuracy, and transporting the chosen bale to the packaging place. This organization offers a trustworthy staff to allay your concern during the ordering procedure. With an office and several bale clothes warehouses in Africa, Indetexx can help you with many issues such as customs clearance services.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Unsorted used clothing wholesale
  • Used shoes bales
  • Second-hand Party dresses
  • Used jeans
  • Plus size second hand dresses
  • Mixed rags and more.

Top 15 bale clothing suppliers
in South Africa

Here are the top 15 clothing suppliers in South Africa that offer everything from casual clothes to designer pieces at affordable rates.

Assorted Bales Co-Operative Limited

Assorted Bales logo

Source: Global suppliers

Assorted Bales Co-Operative Limited is one of the best bale clothing suppliers in South Africa. , which offers a variety of products at different price ranges. These products are highly sought after by shops looking for stylish items on a tight budget because this used clothing provider offers a wide variety of both men’s, and women’s apparel made up of well-known brands.

You can choose from a broad selection of second hand clothes in south africa, and it also gives wholesale customers online access so they can check the inventory whenever they want. This organization has a vast network of suppliers all around the world and has been in the business for a long time.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Sorted and unsorted used products


Fujiyama logo

Source: Fujiyama

FUJIYAMA is an unsorted used clothing wholesale supplier. They purchase worn clothing and sell it to other companies after importing it from all over the world.  Men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel are among the many styles of used clothing that this wholesale used clothing firm offers. They also offer a huge variety of accessories, like belts, backpacks, and hats.

Retailers looking for high-quality clothing bales for sale in south africa have a great choice with this bulk used clothing company. Before being dispatched, everything is inspected to make sure you’re getting the greatest possible goods.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Pre-owned Bags
  • Second-hand Shoes
  • Other accessories

Hissen Global

Hissen Global logo

Source: Hissen Global

Hissen Global is renowned for being a top wholesaler and supplier of second hand clothes in South Africa. They purchase their used apparel from China’s top cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu to ensure they are reasonable and of great quality. It has a sizable, continuously updated inventory of used clothing thanks to its long-term partnerships with these reliable wholesale apparel suppliers.

The second-hand items are gathered, sorted, packed, and checked before they are sent out for worldwide shipping. For the benefit of several small shops, Hissen Global has built six offshore warehouses in African nations.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes
  • Bale toys
  • Used bags
  • Mixed rags

National Clothing Distributors

National Clothing Distributors logo

Source: National Clothing Distributors

National Clothing Distributors provides used, imported coats and jackets in wholesale and retail amounts. They outsource high-quality clothes from Italy. This clothing bales South Africa company is the ideal choice if you’re seeking high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Products and Services offered:

  • Used jackets
  • Used coats

Walt’s Used Workwear

Walts Used Workwear logo

Source: Walt’s Used Workwear

Since 1968, Walt’s Used Workwear has been a supplier of used clothing bales. It is renowned for its excellent customer service and premium clothing. Additionally, they have a large selection of second-hand clothing, including jeans, polo shirts, boots, and high heels.

Walt’s Used Workwear takes pleasure in providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. To ensure that their clients are happy, they never stop developing; they frequently provide updates on new products and occasionally offer clothing bales for sale in South Africa.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes


Overcoats logo

Source: Overcoats

The Overcoat Importer is one of the best suppliers of used overcoats in South Africa. They take pride in offering the biggest selection of high-quality coats from Europe for the whole family. They offer second hand clothes bales for sale in South Africa from Coat Corner Kempton Park, Overcoats Benoni, and Coat Corner Springs at wholesale prices. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used overcoats

Shenyang Yuhong Xinpengyang Garment Factory

Shenyang Yuhong Xinpengyang is a used clothing supplier situated in Shenyang, China, which is well-known for its huge garment sector. Since its launch in 2011, this business has focused on sorting and exporting used clothing to shops throughout the world. The factory employees have a great deal of experience working with old clothing, so they know exactly what kinds of products customers like.

The wide variety of products offered by this wholesaler of used clothing, including anything from casual wear to formal attire, makes them ideal for retailers who wish to serve a wide range of customers. They also employ a group of skilled professionals that are committed to verifying that the quality of their products satisfies the highest requirements. 

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used casual clothes
  • Used formal wear
  • Used designer clothes


Zagumi logo

Source: Zagumi

Zagumi is another second hand clothes South Africa supplier, which provides a wide selection of second-hand apparel at affordable costs. It has an extensive network of suppliers throughout the world. With over ten years of experience in business, this company is well-versed in dealing with various customs rules to ensure that its shipments arrive on time and without any issues.

The company makes sure that all of its products are of excellent quality and reasonably priced to satisfy the needs of retailers looking for fresh merchandise on a budget.

Products and Services Offered

  • Casual jeans
  • Jackets
  • Polo shirts
  • Formal attire
  • Toys 
  • Mixed rags


EcoGoodz logo

Source: EcoGoodz

Anyone looking for high-quality, previously owned clothing should visit EcoGoodz. They are dedicated to giving their customers access to the latest styles at a fraction of the price of purchasing new ones. This bulk second hand clothing South Africa company collaborates closely with some charities, for-profit businesses, and non-profit groups to prevent millions of pounds of used clothing from ending up in landfills.

The company helps to recycle and decrease waste. They reduce the quantity of textile waste that would normally end up in landfills by collecting used clothing. Each item of used clothing that enters EcoGoodz’s doors is carefully inspected, graded, and packed by a team of professionals.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes
  • Used accessories
  • Used toys
  • Used housewares

Les Petites Mains du limousin

Les Petites Mains du limousin logo

Source: Les Petites Mains du limousin

Les Petites Mains du limousin is a well-known and reputable business in the used clothing market. The company was established in Europe before moving to the United Arab Emirates. This used clothing wholesaler is aware that people want to donate or sell their lightly used clothing because it is no longer useful. They permit them to do so without being concerned about how the clothes will end. 

The clothes that this recycling company collects is carefully sorted, cleaned, and wrapped before being transported overseas to the resellers.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used clothes

Nord-Sud Export

Nord Sud Export logo

Source: Nord Sud Export

Since 1985, the import-export business Nord-Sud has dealt with used clothes. The company’s primary goal is to protect the environment and assist humanitarian organizations with the distribution and disposal of its textile materials by purchasing from them and reselling it to marketplaces throughout the world. This gives discarded clothing a new lease on life.

The well-known and reputable used clothing firm Nord-Sud strives to constantly offer the greatest quality in used clothing, used shoes, and used purses. Their main markets are in West Africa, East Europe, and the Middle East.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes
  • Used bags

7Seas Trading LLC

7Seas Trading logo

Source: 7Seas Trading

7Seas Trading LLC is second hand clothes wholesale South Africa business. They believe in giving fair opportunities to small businesses. No matter the category, condition, or location, they think there is a high market for returned, surplus, and other liquidation inventory. Their goal is to link this inventory to people and businesses in a direct way at a reasonable cost. They export to numerous nations in Central America, South America, Africa, and Europe to supply second-hand items.

All of 7Seas’ customers are welcome to come to visit their sites and choose their products easily. In order to achieve their goal of 100% customer satisfaction, they offer you the greatest products and services available. You can feel confident in your purchase because their products are sourced from industry leaders and listed with detailed information, including descriptions and photographs.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used clothing
  • Shoes
  • Outdoor Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Household items

R.D.A Ltd.

R.D.A logo

Source: R.D.A

R.D.A works hard to strike a balance between superior quality, affordability, and inner satisfaction for their customers. They work hard to provide the appropriate clothing for you despite the shifting economic environment in the world.

With its subsidiary stores selling the majority of their products in various parts of South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and less developed countries of Africa, this company has embraced worldwide shipping over the years. The R.D.A Team has everything, regardless of whether a customer prioritizes high-quality used clothing supplies, fashionable women’s dresses, high-quality menswear, or a combination of used bags and used shoes with a high resale value.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes
  • Used bags
  • Used accessories

Second Hand Export

Second Hand Exports began operating in Spain in 2011 as a retailer and wholesaler of second-hand footwear and pre-owned clothing. Because of their experience, they have developed enduring relationships with trustworthy manufacturers and customers. Their primary focus is to provide the best products and services. employed a brand-new and cutting-edge business strategy in 2018: a wholesale marketplace for used clothing and a customer protection program. They  want to offer many people who purchase used clothing a practical and real solution.

The company offers multiple options while simultaneously covering the entire market with its premium goods by selling in small numbers. Dealing with this provider is preferable because they are willing to offer greater savings for bulk orders.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Used clothes
  • Used shoes

Africa Bales Pty Ltd.

Africa Bales Pty Ltd logo

Source: Africa Bales Pty Ltd

Africa Bales Pty Ltd is a reputable wholesaler of used clothing that offers trendy apparel, accessories, and footwear. They generally offer carefully chosen secondhand clothing, such as jeans, mixed rags, vintage items, and trendy garments from the most well-known global brands. To match customers with the appropriate clothing they need to get the best resale value, the company uses cutting-edge technologies and top-notch sorting procedures at the warehouse.

Products and Services Offered

  • Used clothes
  • Accessories
  • Footwear

5 Tips in Finding Reliable Bale Clothing Suppliers in South Africa

There are many places to buy affordable clothes if you’re thinking about opening a second-hand clothing store but don’t know where to start. 

Here are some tips to find a reliable South Africa bale clothing supplier

1. Quality bale clothes at affordable prices

It is important to find a balance between the quality and the price of the bales of clothes. To determine the quality, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the weave or fabric, the seams, and the finishes. 

However, it’s time to bargain when you find a supplier who delivers quality but at a high cost. Check to see if they offer discounts for buying second hand clothes in bulk. Most of the time, negotiating prices will be necessary to establish the value equation of the used clothing South Africa suppliers.

2. Location

Business are becoming more aware of the working conditions and material quality of the bale clothing they purchase in today’s world.

You are more likely to find South African second-hand clothing faster from domestic suppliers, but the prices are not necessarily the most affordable and the quality is not necessarily the best. Buying bales of clothes from overseas suppliers can take a little time, but the overall cost and quantity may be the most affordable.

3. Experience

Working with a bale cltothing supplier who has a proven track record and favorable feedback from other businesses will be helpful. You need to be sure that the bales clothes supplier will be able to fulfill your demands. Make every effort to find the greatest second hand clothing South Africa supplier.

4. Be More Specific in your Search

You should explore beyond the conventional wholesale used clothing suppliers while doing online research. You must be careful to include keywords associated with your niche or products. If you want to get in touch with one of the possible suppliers but don’t know their email addresses or phone number, you can do a WHOIS search to find out how to reach the site owner.

5. Study the Distribution Channels

Since not all used clothing suppliers operate in the same industry, it is necessary to understand which supply chain and distribution channel are best for your convenience in order to identify the right supplier. This will help you determine the time required from the time you place the order to the time the bale clothing reach your doorstep. 

Where to buy bulk clothing for resale
in South Africa?

People in South Africa have access to a wide variety of local, online, and used wholesale clothing suppliers to purchase clothing in bulk for resale. Before you contact a supplier to buy South Africa second hand clothes, there are many things to keep in mind. Bulk purchases are a terrific way to increase the stock of your South African resale shop.

Finding a supplier who can provide you with the proper clothing of high quality while also fitting into your timeframes and budget is the most important step after you have worked through the considerations for your projected bulk clothing needs.

You can purchase inventory from a number of bulk clothing vendors, which you can then sell to your own customers. Some of the most common places to get used clothes wholesale in South Africa include:

  • South African clothes wholesalers
  • Websites with a wide choice of wholesalers
  • Manufacturers in wholesale who market used garments

Determining which supplier has the best combination of these elements to meet your goals is the most important step in selecting the appropriate one for your resale business.

How can you sell bale clothing in South Africa?

There are an increasing number of vintage shops and secondhand clothing resellers in the South African markets. If you want to sell second hand clothes in South Africa, you can choose the following alternatives:

  • Open a thrift store locally
  • Create a website to sell the second-hand clothes online
  • Sign up on websites that find buyers for your second-hand clothes

Tips to sell second hand clothes successfully

1.  Spruce up: Before reselling your bale clothes, have them cleaned properly. Wash, remove stains, trim loose threads, and steam as necessary to make them look appealing and attractive.

2. Mention the brand: You must always include the precise brand and model name. Describe the fabric used to make the used clothes, especially if it is a premium fabric like wool or silk. Include phrases like “matches well with…” or “goes well with…” to give potential consumers a more detailed image.

3. Mention measurements: When selling used pants or jeans, measurements are helpful because the cuts and designs will differ greatly depending on the brand.

4. Write the condition of the clothes: Everyone is aware that secondhand clothing has been worn. However, always state whether there are stains for the sake of transparency. Mention any ragged or loose threads or hems. Additionally, make sure to highlight the garment’s benefits because you don’t want to turn away potential customers.

5. Smooth shipping: Reuse old packaging (such as brown paper bags stapled together or old shoe boxes) or shipping bags that can be easily found online. It’s also safer for you and the buyer to select a courier that offers tracked shipment.


So, these were a few of the many bale clothing suppliers in South Africa. You can choose the one that fulfils your requirements of buying bale clothes. 

With all the information about reselling bale clothes along with reputable sources to get the clothes, you have everything you need to open your used clothes store. Check out Indetexx to learn more about the services they offer and how you can purchase good quality second hand clothing for cheap.

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